Master Yoda Party

You know how sometimes life gets crazy and you just need a break?  Well, apparently we needed an eleven month break to just breath...and have babies, and take vacations, and see kiddos graduate preschool and mamas tackle new jobs, and continue loving and supporting our families.  But we're back and while it's been a long time, we're excited to share and create with you all!

We just celebrated my middle dude's third birthday!  Remember the take home onesies I blogged about here, yeah, well that baby is tots into Star Wars now and we rocked a Master Yoda party last weekend.  If your boys are even half as obsessed as mine are (we're having a Dark Side party next month when my baby turns FIVE!) then I am sure you'll be coming up on a Star Wars party of your own one of these days!

We started our party with invitations I made using Picmonkey and clipart I bought here on Etsy.  I also found a free Star Wars font that I was able to use with Picmonkey.  I love to set the tone with a great invitation and Wyatt could not have been happier with how these turned out.  

I did a TON of cutting and sewing for miles and miles of garland and did not get one photo of any of it...while you can't see it in action, here are the cut files for the Silhouette.  I will caution anyone from using thick glittery paper, it was my worst nightmare then and I am still picking up glitter now.

For dessert, we went with our trusty SAMs club cake and to keep things simple and budget friendly, I cut small Yoda heads out and stuck them on gold straws to make cake toppers.  My sweet friend Madison made cupcakes and I commissioned CJ for awesome Yoda, light saber, and Star Wars logo cookies!  Desserts are obviously a priority over here.

Favors were simple with Star Wars coloring books I had collected months ago, thank you Target dollar bin, and crayons I packaged and washi taped on.  I included a cute Yoda thank you tag and we were set to go.

A few details I loved...we had the Star Wars theme music playing the whole time guests arrived (you could hear it clear down the block), play on names like Yoda Soda, Vaderade, Jabba Jello, Padwan Pizza, and Wookie Cookies made all the guests smile, Yoda Easter baskets we collected months ago, and who can resist an awesome birthday t-shirt?  The birthday shirt came from here, and the quality and turn around time made it a home run!  I can't wait to order next time!
It was a great day had by all and Wyatt has taken to being THREE very well!  He's already telling you he's three and he'll be four next time...let's slow down just a bit little bear!

Under Construction

It's hard to believe my first baby just turned FOUR!  He has been requesting a 'Struction Site party for about six months now and I am just thankful that he didn't change his mind last minute since I am a little less energetic these days being just a few weeks away from having baby #3.  We decided to go with a yellow and black color palate and he was just excited that his friends would be coming over to paint bird houses and swim.  I have to give a shout out to Sam's Club tiered cakes, they have been the stars of my last two parties and coming in at $32.00 and feeding around 50 people, you really can't beat it...and they are DELISH!  I also decided to FINALLY open my silhouette and oh boy, I think I may need an intervention here soon.  I got started cutting and sewing garland and before I knew it, I was ready to decorate.  I used our trusty ladder and some caution tape to set the mood on the porch and the garland along with some cones helped decorate the inside.  All the kiddos had "tool kits" consisting of birdhouses, paint, brushes, cone cups, a hard hat, and an apron.  The guest of honor requested Mac-n-Cheese and hot dogs so the menu was pretty basic and loved by all the under age crowd.  We decided last minute to have the Shave Ice truck make a stop, because what summertime party isn't better with Shave Ice?!?!  It was a roaring success and our birthday boy had a total blast!

I scored the cone cups here, the hard hats here, the paint here, and the birdhouses from Michael's.

I picked up his shirt from this Etsy site

"TOTE"-ally Awesome Year

The twins had a TOTALLY awesome year in kindergarten. I decided to use that as  my inspiration for their end of the year teacher gift. I found a super cute tote bag and added the tag. Cute and easy, right???? Any teacher would be happy with a cute tote, but another family and I  filled it with items they can use by the pool or for summer.
Inside the tote we put magazines, a towel, sunscreen, pool side cup, flip flops, and a Jamba Juice gift card.

Four Alarm Fire Party

We have been so busy with kid birthday parties around here! This past week we had a very special "Four Alarm" Party for my special four year old! How can my baby be four?!?!
For the past two years this sweet boy has been asking for a firetruck birthday party. I was so excited this year when we were able to make it happen. He was one very lucky boy with a very special birthday week. On his birthday he had a very special visit to the local fire station and was given a special birthday tour. The week wrapped up with all of his friends coming over to celebrate and his favorite fireman, Uncle Brian coming to talk to the kids.

The kids had a chance to see the gear, learn some fire safety, ask some adorable questions, and earn their fireman badges. The decorating for this party was pretty easy. I pulled out our collection of fire trucks (we have many), our household fire extinguishers, metal buckets, crates, and some special borrowed real fire gear to decorate. The Silhouette came in handy to cut out small and large hydrants for the party.

For one of the tables to eat at I used a black table cloth and made a turnout table cloth by painting the stripes on a drop cloth.
We were blessed with some beautiful weather that the kids were able to go out and hit a fire truck pinata, play a ring toss game around the fire hydrant, and the best rescue a kitty from a tree.

It was sweet little party for my sweet little boy. We wanted our new little firefighters to go home with a sweet treat so we sent them home with some cookies and a new best friend.
We are including a link to download the thank you cards, welcome sign, and the favor tags today! Click the links below the pictures to download them. We hope you love them and we would love to see how you use them! Don't forget to become a follower so you will know when we upload new prints.

Crazy About You - rainbow stripe

 In a rare moment of panic I realized that Valentine's Day parties are just next week! Last week we tackled the teacher gifts, but had yet started on class valentines. I thought instead of overwhelming myself I would tackle one kid a day. I try and avoid doing candy because of the nut allergies in our house so we have to get a little creative. Today Caden decided he wanted to give the crazy straws his sister gave a few years ago because he is CRAZY! I quickly updated the tags and made it a bit more boyish. Next,  we headed to the dollar store to grab straws. The dollar store sells them in packages of six and I made the tags small enough to fit 12 on a page. It makes it an affordable, easy, candy free valentine class set for under $5. Now  one down and 2 more to go. I'm curious what are some other candy free ideas out there?

Knock My Socks Off - Teacher Valentine

 A trip to Target and the craft store for "100th Day of School Project" led to my newest tag. The kids spotted these super cute socks that we decided would be great gifts for their teachers. I scored some super cute berry baskets on clearance at the craft store and thought it would be great to package the socks and some candy. Baskets or bag the socks and tag make for a cute and easy teacher Valentine's Day gift. Be sure to check back next week as we will be posting our new printable valentines for this year.

Tips and Tricks Tuesday - Gratitude/Reflection Jar

Happy 2015!!! We are back from a great break! We enjoyed some much needed time with our family. We are so excited to be back and we have some great posts coming up- Stay tuned. Something new for 2015 - we are now on Instagram. If you are on Instagram, be sure to become a follower @teaspoonsandtwine. We post pics of our products, parties, and around the holidays we posted pics of some of our projects for sale.
My tip today has to do with one of our New Year's traditions. On New Year's Eve we spend some time going through our reflection jar. The kids had fun giggling and laughing as we read through the fun things we did in 2014. There were some sad moments in there, but overall it is fun to see all the exciting things that we did. This past year the kids each lost their first two teeth and they are in a race to see who will be the first to add it to the 2015 jar. We have the jar sitting on our dinner table. At dinner we talk about our day and I write on a circle and add it to our jar. We decided that this year we would add gratitude to it as well. At prayer time we talk about something good that happened to us and something nice we did for someone. I thought it would be neat to add it to the jar. How powerful will it be at the end of the year to read about the great things that someone did for us and all the great things we did for someone else?
Happy 2015 and we hope to see you all as followers on Instagram!