Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gluten Free Waffles Recipe

After some thought and research we have decided to venture into the gluten free world.  I should note I have a son who is a very picky eater and is very tiny. There are a few key things he eats that are full of flour that I need to find a replacement for, one of them being waffles. He LOVES waffles and would eat them daily if I let him. After buying my first gluten free box of waffles for $5 for 6 of them I realized I need to come up with a better plan. So I am a Mama on a mission to make some of his favorite recipes gluten free and cost effective. I already encountered what I think will be my biggest hurdle - the fact that 2 of the 5 of us have a nut allergy as well. After several tweaks and adjustments I think I found the right combination! In fact I would call it a success! They were lightly crisp on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside. The husband didn't even ask what was different and I scored big time finding most of the special flours at Winco in the bulk bins.

Gluten Free Waffles
1 cup rice flour
1/2 cup brown rice flour
1/4 tapioca flour
1/2 cup potato starch
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 eggs
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 1/2 cups milk
2 teaspoons of sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla
Yields: 8 waffles
1. Mix all the ingredients together with a whisk.
2. Pour into waffle iron, in batches. (I use a cooking oil spray to coat my waffle iron)
3. Enjoy!

Next time I make this I am going to double the batch so I have extras to freeze. It will make school mornings much easier!  No  more buying a box of waffles for $5.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Wishes and Wisdom

We are in the thick of back to school. We are super busy with paperwork and HOMEWORK! Between my homework of filling out papers I thought I would do a quick post on a baby shower activity I put together for our Aunt. She is hosting a small shower for a new mom and she didn't want to play those awful baby shower games. Most of the guests are veteran moms so she thought it would be fun for them to give advice. I loved the idea and ran with it. I created some simple advice cards that can be printed at home on colored card stock on your printer and cut to size. I went with the color theme of blue and gray but, you could print these on any color.

Next, I thought it would be fun for the ladies to write some wishes for the baby. The download has 2 to a page and measure 5x7. And don't worry if you are throwing a girl shower I made them in pink as well!

 I found these cute photo books on Pick Your Plum that will work perfect to glue the completed pages in.  In the back of the book I made a library card style pocket to hold all the advice cards for the Mama.  I love that the front of the book has a peek through opening. I was torn about what to put. I searched for something special for  a mom who is having a baby boy. I ended up putting a few lines from one of my favorite books The Giving Tree.
Hope you enjoy the printables! Be sure to become a follower and message us with pictures of how you use the Wishes and Wisdom pages!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

uh-mason school year

I am in complete denial -  I can not believe summer is over!!! I took the last few weeks off from blogging so I could recover from our AMAZING family vacation and the CRAZY carnival birthday party. As much as I am trying to not face it, summer is done and two of my kiddos will be starting kindergarten.  In between my panic attacks and crying spells I thought I would do a quick post on what we put together for the kids to take their teachers on the first day.

This is super easy to put together and I included two different choices for the label. If you are like me and you only have a black and white printer I created one that you can print from home last minute on some cute paper.
Here are some items that we thought of to  put in our jars:
-post it notes
- a few of my favorite ink pens in fun colors
- mints
- gum
- A few packets of Emergen-c ( A must for a teacher and all the back to school germs!)

I hope you all enjoy your kiddos first day of school!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Carnival Party: Part One - The Favors

Months ago when we were planning our family vacation and booked it to come home the day before C and E's birthday I thought it was a great idea. I would set up everything before we leave come back the day before the party and do finishing touches. Sounded great then, it's a totally CRAZY idea now! I am a mad woman trying to get everything done for the party and pack for our trip. I wanted to do one quick post before we leave for vacation to share some exciting Picmonkey news and of course to give you away a freebie!
I was busy working on the invitations and thank you tags on Picmonkey when something just barely caught my eye. I thought I would mention it in case you might have missed it! As if Picmonkey wasn't FANTASTIC before, now you can use any of the fonts that you have on your computer. There have been so many times when I wished I could use a font I owned. Will wish no longer... it has come true.

If you are creating something or editing a photo on Picmonkey and click the "T" all the fonts open up. Now up at the top there is tab that you can click on that says "Yours". If you click on that all of your fonts on your computer will open up! So exciting!!!! I have already been dreaming of all the other things I can create and make.

Until I can make something else, I thought I would share with all of you the thank you tags I created for the big carnival party coming up. I spotted these adorable bags at Michaels in the dollar bin. I opted to fill the bags with sidewalk chalk and a lollipop since we will be out of town before the party and I wanted one more thing crossed off my to-do list.

Don't worry we didn't forget about favors for the adults. Adults will be going home with a box of fresh homemade caramel corn. It will be a long night making the caramel corn, but our recipe is so good and worth it.